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Bleuette Size MANIKIN
by Judi Ward/Judi's Dolls

This little MANIKIN is Bleuette sized, but NOT intended to duplicate the Bleuette jointing, or "look". In fact, without even a head, she makes the perfect "try on" model while sewing clothes for "real" porcelain and compo Bleuette's or for the Cloth Bleuette taught in my class Click HERE for More Info on the Class!

By using a MANIKIN for trying the clothes on you save loosening all of the joints on the Bleuette's….and….worse yet, dropping one with a porcelain head and breaking it!...or…Dirtying a cloth Bleuette.

Instructions and Pattern Available in 2 Formats!

The dolls are made from the Minikin pattern.

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